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Mobile Light Tower

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Construction Site Mobile Light Tower

Mobile Light Tower
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Descriptions of mobile light tower trailer hitches.  What to look for in a trailer hitch.

Hydraulic Mobile Light Tower
What is a hydraulic mobile light tower and how does it work.

Commercial Strength Mobile Light Tower
Best manufacturers listed for commercial applications.  What industries benefit from using mobile light towers.

Construction Site Mobile Light Towers
Listed models of mobile light towers for construction industry. 

Entertainment & Sporting Mobile Light Towers
Find the best light tower for these industries. Criteria for ordering.

Mobile Light Tower Lamps
What to look for when selecting the lamps for your mobile light tower.

Baldor Mobile Light Towers
Description of Baldor mobile light towers and brief outline on Baldor Motor company.

Multiquip Mobile Light Towers
Recommended models manufactured by MultiQuip.  Where to find Multiquip mobile light towers.

Selecting Mobile Light Towers
Advice on the criteria and features when researching your mobile light tower.  Where to purchase.

Maintenance of Mobile Light Towers
Easy steps to follow when maintaining your mobile light tower

Distributors of Mobile Light Towers
The reasons to choose a distributor over the manufacturer directly.


Construction Site
Mobile Light Towers

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What is a Construction Site Mobile Light Tower?

Construction site mobile light towers lighting devices that are connected to a diesel generator via a mast.  The generator, mast and lights are portable because they are usually built on wheeled trailers or have the ability to be towed with a mount which includes the generator and lighting directly connected together.  The lighting fixtures are available with 6 or more light disks in various lamp types including halogen, balloon, fluorescent, and halide lights. Construction site mobile light tower masts are made from aluminum, steel and other metal forms depending on the strength you require.  The masts are extendable, and some are even hydraulic mobile light towers providing strong design to withstand most weather conditions and rugged environments.

Important Factors for using Construction Site Mobile
Light Towers

The increased visibility during night time construction and other similar types of work proves to be much safer using construction site mobile light towers. tasked night projects can be dangerous not only to workers but also to the public driving or working nearby.  Without proper lighting, glare can cause just as many problems as poor lighting.  Light planning should be considered and executed carefully when choosing your construction site mobile light tower in order to achieve the best possible workplace and quality work site.  Providing efficient energy should also be an important consideration.  The portable generator provides the strength for the lighting.  Some companies have tried to connect light towers to standby generators but this has proven to be a tedious process and cancels out the mobility factor. Construction site mobile light towers have been required by some city and state governments and standards are in place and should be researched prior to talking with a distributor.

Manufacturers of Construction Site Mobile Light Towers

The following manufacturers and models of construction site mobile light towers are available from TEMCo Tower Electric Company:

Allmand - Model #ML15, diesel generator with 34.1 hp, 25.4 kW, 4 lamps, 50 gallon fuel tank, 1250 watts, 100 hours of running time. Other model is ML-30. Check out Allmand's Nite Light Pro series.

- POWR'Lite models provide illumination for 5-7 acres. 4 halide lamps @ 1,000 watts each, halide lamps, Kubota diesel engines, 50 gallon fuel tank,
360 degree rotate, oil shutdown protection, battery included. Baldor Mobile Light Towers

Genie/Terex -  Model # RL-4000 , 6kW power Kubota engine, 4000 watts of illumination,  13.6b hp, 60 hours run time, 30 foot mast extension, dual winch operation, DOT lighting.

Multiquip - LT-12 Night Hawk series - 12 hp Duetz engine or 10.7 hp Perkins diesel engine both liquid cooled,  360 degree rotation, 30 foot mast, 30 gallon fuel tank for 64 hours of running time, mast is able to sustain 35 mph winds. Multiquip Mobile Light Towers

Meeting Specifications When Choosing a Construction Site Mobile Light Tower

TEMCo Consultants assist you with Mobile Light Towers

TEMCo Tower Electric Motor Company provides business and residential customers with the most state-of-the-art, high-tech, rugged and quality built construction site mobile light towers available on the market today.  TEMCo offers a wide selection of top manufactures including those listed above. TEMCo has a wide array of power products including 3 Phase Converters, PTO Generators and Transformers to name just a few.  TEMCo has experienced technicians and engineers standing by as consultants to assist you with all your specifications and requirements.   TEMCo will not settle for anything less than 100% customer satisfaction.   TEMCo's products are backed with optional warranty packages, are deliverable within 48 hours and all at wholesale prices!   TEMCo has everything you need under one roof.  Call a TEMCo consultant today for a free consultation!

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